Darje | FAQ
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Information about Darjé Diamond Fusion


Darjé Diamond Fusion is the newest technology in diamond simulant available, using a brand new diamond growing technology, called Amorphous Diamond Growing Technique.

Scientists have perfected the technique of cultivating a diamond much like the pearl industry has done cultivating pearl for commercial use.

The Darjé Diamond Fusion is produced by using a core crystal which is created in a lab in America. Then, the Amorphous Growing Technique is completed in Germany.

Diamond crystals are grown over the base, and actually infiltrate it so that the two parts are fused into one.

  • The outer “skin” is real diamond! (99.9% carbon)
  • Darjé Diamond Fusion are hand cut to exacting proportions, the same as diamonds.
  • Darjé Diamond Fusion are very hard, they are 9.3 on the Moh’s hardness scale.
  • Darjé Diamond Fusion gemstones are in a class of their own!
  • They are the closest in appearance to a good quality natural diamond.
  • Darjé Diamond Fusion offers a diamond-like luster, a beautiful balance of brilliance and fire.
  • All at a price that is affordable!

Frequently Ask Questions

Will the diamond skin come off?

No, because of the special Amorphous Diamond Growing Technique, the pure diamond is actually infused into the upper layers of the core. After this treatment the finished stone is one whole and cannot be separated.


How does the Colour and Clarity of Darjé Diamond Fusion compare to natural diamonds?

They are equivalent to F colour and clarity VS, now available in H and pink colour.

Comparison Chart
Refractive Index
Darjé Diamond Fusion
Cubic Zirconia


Taking care of your Darjé Diamond Fusion jewellery.

Clean your jewellery with jewellery cleaner, usually it has a soft bristle brush. Then rinse in water and pat dry with a tissue. (never use a tooth brush, only a soft bristle brush). Your jeweller can clean your jewellery in an ultrasonic cleaner.
You can wear your jewellery everyday, but take it off if you will be doing activities where you may give it a hard knock or scratch.


Instructions for jewellers and setters

Even though Darjé Diamond Fusion are hard, they are still not as hard as a diamond so care needs to be taken during polishing.

Do not use metal polish that contains diamond grit or use any aggressive types of rouge near the Darjé Diamond Fusion , or you run the risk of scratching the stone.

We highly recommend you pre polish the prongs before completing the setting in order to minimise the risk of scratching during polishing.


Heat Resistance

You must protect the Darjé Diamond Fusion when doing any work on a setting involving heat. If you heat the Darjé Diamond Fusionyou run the risk of blackening the outer layer of pure diamond as granules of pure carbon will convert to graphite, leaving you with a dusky looking stone. Keep Darjé Diamond Fusion away from heat higher than 300°C.